QML Software Developer

What is this about?

We’re a small group of veteran entrepreneurs seeking to disrupt the established century-old industry of electrical control and distribution. We’re building up the team and are seeking a few amazing individuals that can share our vision of building a fantastic product that will save energy and be used by millions.

We’ve already secured our financing and we have committed strategic partners on-board, so it’s really up to us to execute and make sure we bring value to customers through the product we’re creating.

If you’re an expert in QML User Interface;
If you want to build something real with disruptive potential; and
If you want to work with a small, dedicated and effective team.

Then, you should apply right away. (Or read-on to get details of who we’re looking for.)

You should be an expert in:

  • QML User Interface for Linux Embedded devices (Javascript and QT C++ to expose features for QML Javascript);
  • Javascript and Typescript;
  • Shell UNIX scripting;
  • And if you’re familiar with JetBrains tools, all the better.

And this is what we’d expect of you:

  • Write reusable, testable, and efficient code (following SOLID principles);
  • Design, implements and test low-latency, high-availability applications;
  • Implement and/or integrates user-facing elements with server-side logic;
  • Test and validate overall solution;
  • Maintain continuous integration (CI);
  • Review and design code for local QML user interfaces (HMI);
  • Implement security and data protection in their solution

You will be part of an experienced start-up team where:

  • Your voice will be heard and you will feel the impact of your work;
  • You won’t lose time in endless meetings or presentations;
  • You will work hard and have fun doing it.

Our offices are located in downtown Montreal, near Lucien-Lallier and Bonaventure Stations.