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Clean Power VFD

Introducing the SmartD Clean Power Variable Frequency Drive. The next generation of motor control products for the 21st century, using power electronics and modulation algorithms to maximize energy efficiency.

While motor variable frequency drives have brought tremendous energy savings and increased control in many industries, they remain suboptimal, generating vibrations, noise, heat and harmonics.

SmartD’s 480V, 20-30HP variable frequency drive is certified to UL 61800-5-1 standards, is smaller, more efficient and has an integrated front-end. 


Is the Clean Power VFD the right choice?

Clean Signal

Pure sine wave output increases motor life expectancy and reduces harmful harmonics.

Energy Savings

Clean power sine waves and embedded filters result in 30% lower motor system losses.

Renewable Energy

Get higher motor efficiency, longer motor lifetime, return clean energy to the grid.

50% Smaller

No need to keep buying bulky external filters. Cut the required space in the electrical panel in half.

Motor Control

Eliminate premature motor ageing and failure due to overheating and torque wear and tear.

Alternative Power

Tap into Clean Power, look ahead to a green future.


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