The Clean Power VFD is the Ideal Companion for Turbo-Machineries

With a switching frequency higher than 100kHz, a patented and innovative algorithm, and embedded, specially designed filters, the output of the Clean Power VFD delivers its sinus wave at frequencies up to 1000Hz.

High Speed and Compact

While high-speed applications usually require gearings to reach the needed performance, the Clean Power VFD is a compact installation and delivers its speed performance directly to the gearless motor. Saving space and expansive mechanical devices.

The used technology, Silicon Carbide (SiC) transistors, provides better thermal performance in comparison to the IGBT transistors used in ordinary VFDs.

There is no derating to apply to the current capability of the VFD, even at high frequency, nor the need of special cooling mechanisms such as water-cooled heatsinks.

High-speed performance makes the Clean Power VFD the ideal drive for components such as compressors and blowers and spindle machines such as drilling, milling, and grinding turbomachinery.

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