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Montreal-based Start-Up

We make positive (sine) waves in the energy sector with our Clean Power variable frequency drive.

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SmartD Technologies produces the smallest, fastest, smartest variable frequency drive on the market: the Clean Power variable frequency drive.

Currently, the VFDs on the market simply do not make the cut as far as performance and value are concerned. Traditional drives produce a square signal that makes the motor break-down faster, creates harmonics distortion and eats up energy efficiency cost savings.

The end result of your purchase should be a single product instead of a cluttered panel of bulky protections and filters.

“There really hasn’t been any significant advances in VFD topology in low-voltage […] since 1987.”

The core design of a VFD is exactly what it was in the mid-80s: cost-efficient to produce, but unfriendly to motor insulation and bearings, resulting in energy loss and reduced motor lifespan.

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SmartD innovation award AHR 2023
AHR Expo Innovation Awards 2023

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