Clean power VFD, first generation 6-pulse and flagship AFE version
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Simpler. Smaller. Smarter.

Introducing the SmartD Clean Power Variable Frequency Drive. The next generation of motor control products for the 21st century, using power electronics and modulation algorithms to maximize energy efficiency.

SmartD’s Clean Power VFD is made with the latest in wide-band gap solid-state technology, namely GaN and SiC transistors, our drive system offers easy integration with Industrial IoT technologies, is scale-able and quick to set up.

SmartD also offers customized, white-label and OEM solutions to better integrate with your systems. Contact a VFD Clean Power expert today to find out what we can do for you.

Simpler from A to Z

Easiness starts with the selection of the right product. The offer structure of SmartD’s Clean Power VFD is built to ease the decision and avoid complex choices between multilevel of options

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Our Journey

Inception: Simon Leblond and Simon Caron create SmartD Technologies Inc, in 2018, Montreal Quebec.

Innovation: SmartD builds the first Wide-bandgap-based VFD technology on the market - offering Clean Power in a way that has not been done before. To achieve this level of technology, SmartD work with some of the most advanced WBG specialists in the industry.

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Impact: Partnerships are established with SE Ventures, the Power Electronics and Industrial Control Research Group (GRÉPCI), PME MTL, and the Canada Research Chair in Electrical Energy Conversion and Power Electronics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Variable Frequency Drive?

A variable frequency drive (VFD) is an electronic device that controls electric motor speed by varying the frequency and voltage supplied to the motor.

A VFD adjusts the motor’s speed to match the load requirement, this helps to drastically reduce energy consumption.

Other names for a VFD are variable speed drive, adjustable speed drive, adjustable frequency drive, AC drive, and inverter.

Why is the Clean Power VFD the right choice?

SmartD’s Clean Power variable frequency drive generates pure-sine electrical signals in a package half the size that is twice as efficient.

Forget messy cables and bulky filters. Experience Clean Power in a compact footprint.

How much time does the SmartD Clean Power VFD take to set up?

3 cables in, 3 cables out. That's it. Set it up and let it do its thing in under 30 minutes.

Will the SmartD Clean Power VFD work with our existing systems?

Our products are IoT, BMS and SCADA ready.
Ethernet and Modbus connectivity for integration to Cloud, BMS and SCADA systems.

Is the SmartD Clean Power VFD available for purchase?

The SmartD Clean Power VFD will be available for purchase Q3, 2022.

Clean power VFD frame size S3

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