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What is this role about?

There are a few Ph.D. and M.Sc. internship opportunities in our team in the field of design and optimization of multilevel power electronic converters applied to active-front-end and variable frequency drives.

Please apply if you are interested.

You should be passionate and very knowledgeable about: :

  • Altium Designer software to design and implement multi-layer PCB power electronic circuits.
  • Simulation of power electronic circuits using MATLAB/Simulink platform.
  • Implementation of PCB boards and experimental setups of power electronic converters.

It’s great if you have additional knowledge about: 

  • Advanced converters such as multilevel converters.
  • Modeling and analysis of multi-layer power electronic circuits.
  • Control and modulation of power electronic converters.
  • Real-time control systems.

And this is what we’d expect of you:

  • Working on new control and modulation methods for paralleled power electronic converters.
  • Implementing experimental setups of power electronic converters.
  • Implementing PCB based power electronic boards as well as interfacing boards.
  • Implementing new control and modulation techniques using real-time control systems.
  • Performing requested experimental tests in the laboratory.
  • Performing reports and presentation of the project for the industry partner.

If you see yourself in this description and you’re up to it, contact us right away:  jobs@smartd.tech

  • Our offices are located in downtown Montreal, near Lucien-Lallier and Bonaventure Station.