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What is this role about?

As part of our ongoing research collaboration with the ÉTS GREPCI, we have a few Ph.D. and M.Sc. internship opportunities in the field of design and optimization of multilevel power electronic converters applied to active-front-end and variable frequency drives.

Combining multilevel converters with the latest in Wide-bandgap devices, this research project will enable the selected students to work at the forefront of research while applying their knowledge in real-world applications.

Please apply if you are interested.

You should be passionate and very knowledgeable about: :

  • Advanced power electronic converters such as multilevel converters.
  • Power electronic circuit design and optimization.
  • Implementation of PCB boards and experimental setups of power electronic converters.
  • Altium Designer software to design and implement multi-layer PCB power electronic circuits.
  • Simulation of power electronic circuits using MATLAB/Simulink platform.

It’s great if you have additional knowledge about: 

  • Advanced converters such as multilevel converters.
  • Paralleling of power electronic converters.
  • Layout optimization of power electronic circuits using conventional and novel methods.
  • Modeling and analysis of multi-layer power electronic circuits.

And this is what we’d expect of you:

  • Simulation and evaluation of various configurations of power electronic converters using MATLAB/Simulink platform.
  • Proposing control methods and modulation techniques for paralleled power electronic converters.
  • Implementing experimental setups of power electronic converters in the laboratory.
  • Performing reports and presentation of the project for the industry partner.
  • Performing research papers for the accredited conferences and research journals.

Candidates must already be in Canada or have already secured a work authorization for Canada. Due to timing, sponsorship cannot be offered to candidates.

If you see yourself in this description and you’re up to it, contact us right away and send us your CV and cover letter at:  ETSresearch@smartd.tech

  • Our offices are located in downtown Montreal, near Lucien-Lallier and Bonaventure Station.

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